Saturday, 20 April 2019

An open letter to the Christians in the DUP

It was recently revealed that the Democratic Unionist Party is running its first openly homosexual candidate in the upcoming Local Government Elections in Northern Ireland prompts this request for the Christians in the party. Given the historically evangelical roots of the DUP, its former campaign to 'Save Ulster from Sodomy', and its ongoing policy of opposing the introduction of same sex marriage to Northern Ireland, it is necessary to ask a question of the Christians within the DUP. The question is particularly relevant for its currently elected Christian politicians, and prospective councillors who are standing for office in the current election.

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Rome is still the enemy

What is the great enemy of the Christian church? With the rise of Islamic extremism and the advance of the Muslim faith in the west Islam will often be named as the church's number one enemy, and militant Islam does indeed pose a great threat to the freedoms and liberties which we currently enjoy. Yet Islam is not the true church's great enemy. The LGBT movement will also be a popular candidate, and for good reason as it presents us with the greatest moral dilemma of our generation. Yet whilst it is in complete opposition to God and the bible it too is not the church's historic great foe. The recent rise of these movements in our society has caused many to lose sight of that great antagonist which has stood in opposition to the true church for centuries, and which continues to do so; the church of Rome, the 'mother of harlots and abominations of the earth.' C.H. Spurgeon said that 'Romanism is a most ingenious imitation of the gospel' and that is what makes it a greater threat to the church than Islam, for whilst the faith of Mohamed does not purport to be Christian, the religion of Rome does make that claim, and indeed make it exclusively of itself. In identifying Rome as the great enemy of the church we do not seek to imply that individual Roman Catholics are our enemy, rather they are the mission field. Yet the papacy and the Roman system of worship is in all its parts opposed to the true church of God, and must ever be regarded by the true church of Christ as its adversary.