Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Why the evangelical church is losing the battle on homosexuality

The speed at which homosexuality has been publicly accepted and endorsed by society is remarkable; in the generation since homosexual activity has been legalised it has moved from a position of ridicule and contempt, to one of acceptance, and ultimately on to a position of high esteem. The media is replete with LGBT related news items, homosexual storylines pervade most television programmes, and pride parades throughout the country are attended by tens of thousands of people, with children and infants bedecked in the colours of the pride flag. What is evident in all of this is that the evangelical church is losing the battle on the issue of homosexuality. The apostate denominations have long given up the battle and, in many cases, have become active promoters of the homosexual lifestyle. Yet conservative denominations and churches, which continue to oppose homosexuality, and denounce it as sin, are failing to impact society on this matter. I believe that the reason for this is that our response to homosexuality has been lacking in numerous areas. 

Friday, 24 August 2018

Why I have returned to blogging

Almost three years have elapsed since my last blog post in November 2015; what then has prompted me to return to blogging? The reason that my blog ceased was in essence threefold; a lack of issues which I was particularly inspired to write about, a personal dissatisfaction with the quality of what I was writing, and a lack of available time to contribute to the blog. It is not that there was an absence of issues within Christianity and evangelicalism which needed addressed (indeed it has been stated by some that the church today is in a worse state than it was prior to the reformation), but rather that my motivation to write was not there, and I had written on many of the things that were on my mind. However, as is the case in the history of the church, the same issues raise their head again and again, and the church is presented with new challenges and questions. Once again I have a desire to comment on some of these issues, hopefully making some small contribution to biblical clarity on the matters which the Christian church faces today.