Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Irish Presbyterian Elder investigated over Gay Marriage views

A report carried in today's Belfast Newsletter has highlighted the fact the Alliance Party leader David Ford has stepped aside from his position as a ruling elder at Second Donegore Presbyterian Church whilst the Templepatrick Presbytery investigates his support for Gay Marriage. Despite the opposition of the Presbyterian Church to the introduction of Gay Marriage, Mr Ford a long standing member of the denomination, declared his support for the move last September despite having previously been opposed to it. What action will be taken against Mr Ford by the Presbytery remains to be seen, however it clearly runs contrary to the teaching of scripture for anyone to remain a member of, much less be an office bearer in, a Christian church whilst espousing their support for this legislation.

The issue raises many questions for the Presbyterian Church in Ireland given that other members of the denomination have also voted in favour of Gay Marriage, most notably Naomi Long MP, a deacon in Bloomfield Presbyterian Church. Ministers such as Simon Henning of Ballyblack Presbyterian have also shown their support for the homosexual agenda in the past, despite the teaching of God's Word. Our preferred outcome for such cases is not that these people would be thrown of their churches, but that they would repent of their erroneous views. If however no repentance is forthcoming, then there is no option left but for the church to enforce discipline. What will happen to David Ford? We shall wait and see.

The Newsletter article in relation to this can be read here:

Another article on the matter as carried in the Antrim Guardian can be read here: 

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