Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Unconsidered difficulties for Christians in the face of moral decline

There is currently no pressure group making greater advances in today's society than that which advocates the cause of homosexuality. Almost on a weekly basis it appears that decisions are made to accommodate their desires, with anyone who opposes it being labelled as a bigot and homophobic. The recent law to allow gay marriages in England and Wales has already given rise to one homosexual couple launching legal action to force the Church of England to carry out gay marriages on their premises. Beyond the area of homosexuality, stories have been run recently by the BBC on 'polyamorous relationships' where four people live in simultaneous relationships with each other. Meanwhile in Kenya two men have announced an agreement to marry the same women in a wife sharing deal. When we consider such immorality we often think of its general effect of society, and of the pressures which churches and Christian businesses will be placed under, yet we often forget the difficulties which will arise for individual Christians in their normal daily life as such standards become more widespread and accepted.

What of the Christian parent whose child receives a birthday invitation from a friend in school. You agree that they can attend the party and that you will speak to their mum, only to be informed by your child that their friend doesn't have a mum, but two dads. How does a Christian parent react in such a circumstance and what will they do? Or when you discover that your new neighbours are a lesbian couple with an adopted child the same age as your own. Do you want your child to be frequenting their house or will you forbid them to play with that friend, knowing how such a decision will be viewed by others and possible create tension in your street. How do you explain a situation like this to your child without destroying the innocence of their childhood.

What then about children's evangelists, how do they reach the children of homosexual couples yet keep the children of their church pure. What do we do when it comes round to the parents evening, should they be invited also? What will you do when a child also announces that it is 'gay'? It is probably true that there is no more difficult group to reach with the gospel that that which practises the sin of homosexuality. To reach their children will be no more easy.

These problems are likely but a small portion of those that are likely to arise should our nation continue on its downward spiral. They are such as will never be solved by petitions to the government but by petitioning the Lord in prayer. While all true believers are grieved by the immorality in our land it is so much easier to do so when we are distanced from it. It is a different matter when it turns up on our doorstep and becomes a real issue in our everyday live, which had been for so long undisturbed. While we know not what trials may await us in the future, but we know that we have a God who is able to bring us through those trials. It is surely clear that great prayer is need for the times that will lie ahead for believers.

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