Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A note on anonymous comments

In recent weeks a significant number of anonymous comments have been made on this blog, more so than normal. Whilst the very nature of commenting anonymously means that the author cannot be identified, it has been obvious that a lot of these comments have been posted by the same person. Up until now I have always allowed anonymous comments for a short time, only asking for a name when a longer dialogue is to be entered into.

I feel however that many of the recent anonymous comments have displayed a cowardly and hypocritical attitude by the person involved, challenging others for their view of particular issues, whilst not being prepared to put a name to their own comments and views. Indeed the repetitive theme of the anonymous comments which have been posted across a number of posts raises questions about their motivation and aim, particularly as they choose to remain anonymous. In light of this I will no longer be permitting anonymous comments on the page. Those wishing to make comments should be prepared to leave their name - if we have genuinely held beliefs then we should not have any concern about being publicly associated with those beliefs. If this results in fewer comments being placed on the blog that will reflect more on those who comment, rather than on this policy. Those who cannot identify themselves are in no position to criticise what others may or may not say in a public blog.

I am willing to answer any question placed on the blog and certainly will not prohibit questions which are awkward, inconvenient or critical of my own church. Any of the questions which have been recently submitted anonymously can be re-posted with genuine name attached (not a pseudonym) and they will most certainly be answered.

Needless to say, anonymous comments will not be permitted on this post.


  1. Well said Andrew.

    Good to see you addressing one of the big talking points in Ulster evangelicalism. No-one could ever accuse you of falling silent on the big issues of the moment.

  2. Steve

    This is simply a note to make people aware that anonymous comments are no longer being approved. As you leave your name it will hardly affect you.